BOOK REVIEW: Atomic Habits, An Easy & Proven Way to Build Good Habits and Break Bad Ones; James Clear

Pages: 285
Rating: 5 stars
Theme: Personal Growth

โ€˜Being specific about what you want and how you will achieve it helps you say no to things that derail progress, distract your attention, and pull you off course. We often say yes to little requests because we are not clear enough about what we need to be doing instead. When your dreams are vague, itโ€™s easy to rationalise little exceptions all day long and never get round to the specific things you need to succeed.โ€™
~ James Clear, Atomic Habits, the best way to start a new habit

Reading Atomic habits triggers a visceral urge to respond to the complacency and mediocrity we subtly slip into as humans. James Clear gets you thinking about the seemingly mundane, which will unquestionably have a remarkable effect on your efficacy. was struck by the idea of what the compound impact possibility of one percent tiny changes to my daily routine could have on the eventual result of who I am becoming in the grand scheme of things.

James Clear posits four laws that can be followed to build good and effective habits. The 1st Law is to Make it Obvious by designing an environment that promotes them; the 2nd Law is to Make it Attractive by joining a culture of people that will bring out the best in you; 3rd Law is to Make it Easy by optimising small choices that deliver an outsized impact, and the 4th Law is to Make it Satisfying by incorporating rewards of what you enjoy most to perform a habit.

The biggest take-home for me from this book is to start. Start implementing the goals I always set in motion through action, start effectively changing my mindset on accomplishing seemingly complex tasks by identifying the cue, cravings, responses, and rewards, and building intentionality to become the person I want to see myself as.

I definitely had a ride re-reading this. I hope you will too. Do let me know what your thoughts on the book are in the comment section.



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