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Remember the personal finance essay I told you about? The one I submitted to Wanafunzi Kenya? Well, the voting portals have been opened!!! Yay us.       

I need your support to vote for my article so that it wins the essay writing competition. Several articles were shortlisted for the final round and mine was one of them.

The voting prompt is quite easy.

Just click on the link I’ll post at the end of this blog,

Read my article on how I manage my personal finances,

At the bottom of the article, is a prompt asking whether you like the article,

Please say yes.

Then the ‘vote for this article’ option will pop up, please vote too.

You’ll get a notice thanking you for voting the article.

Please please head there and spread the awareness too. Twitter and WhatsApp would be amazing. We gotta win this right?

My win is your win too.

That you very very much. Bless you all. Here’s the link where the voting is…                   


I am only a reflection of the mirror my maker placed before me.


  1. Hi Danny. I have read through and it’s a wonderful article.

    However, I think there is an error, a percentage = 100, not so. But where you write Tithe=10%, Savings=20%, reinvest=50% and daily expenditure=30% it adds up to 110. So I think there is some sort of mistake there.

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