#WinterABC2020 Day 9; Four social medial Accounts that I follow and what I like about them.

Biy-bo *How are you in Ateso, Uganda*

Day 9, whoop whoop.

Four social media accounts I follow, well here goes my top 4.

Morgan Harper Nichols (MHN).

She has amazing content on both her Instagram and Twitter. Her art communicates stories of various people from different people and topics and it surely does give encouragement to the viewers. You should check her out.

Viola Davis.

As soon as I started watching how to get away with murder, I followed her social media pages. She has really good initiatives especially to save people who have been wrongly convicted.


This page I started following this year and I’ve been wondering why I hadn’t started following them earlier. It creates a safe space for African writers to connect and interact. And its been amazing since then.

Jackie Hill Perry.

She’s an amazing poet and teacher of the word. She’s a writer too. Her social media pages are encouraging to spread the word and keeps me thinking about my choices and my life. She also wrote a book called good girl gone bad and her biography of her life changing and becoming a Christian was very encouraging.

Those are the top four for me right now.



  1. I should watch how to get away with murder. I love viola.
    I love Afrobloggers too! I don’t know why I only discovered it a few months ago 😦 but I’m happy to be here now.

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