#UGBlogMonth Day 15: Myself in 10 years.


Hahah, I’m running out of ingenious ways of greeting ya’ll. But I’ll look for different languages to greet you so that I practice, in preparation for my globe-trotting one day.

So, the last two prompts http://ugbloc.com/ugblogmonth-april-may-2020/ have been very personal to me because these are things, I wrote down about 6 years ago and it excites me to be in a position to share them with you. I never really share the details of what my dreams are except, I did once, with my boyfriend.

This is the counter book with my life goals and accountability for my finances. Still has many pages left 6 years down the road!

The header image is a graph I drew in 2014 laying out my whole life, well at least up to 70 years, and what I wanted to have achieved at different phases.

I attended a week long conference in my senor four vacation in 2013, that changed my life. I started making 5-3-year plans and having financial accountability for each cent I got. I even got a whole counter book in 2014 to document each step of the way. You’ll notice that at the end of each year, I follow up to see how much I achieved. ‘Don’t spend an African salary on a western lifestyle’ they told us. It was on that day that I developed a life vision, verse and mission statement.   

The pencil trails are my follow ups through out the years.

Anyways, to cut the long story short, in ten years’ time, I see myself working for either the IMF, World Bank or EU as a consultant for viable African strategies toward boosting economic development from the legal perspective of international law; focusing on the domestic law of each state. I’ll probably have had my first son by then and will be fulfilling my bucket list dream of doing a world tour. I’ve always wanted to globe trot and appreciate the diverse cultures of different tribes and countries.


But all this is in vain my dear readers, if I don’t commit it to the Lord and live in accordance with His will. This year has taught me that ‘a man may make his plans but God has the final say!’ (Proverbs 16:9). I have surely told Him about the future I hope for because He alone knows the plans, He has for me. (Jeremiah 29:11 MSG version)

Nonetheless, 10 years from now, be sure to do a follow up on me and we shall see if we will be recapping this blog post. *wink*.

Have an amazing week ahead!


  1. I’m back here for the 2nd time having read this post during the Ug blog challenge. I have a book like that and it’ safe to stay i’m already ticking off some things (petite la petite) You are such an inspiration….i hope you know that. May God grant you all your desires.

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  2. First of all allow me acknowledge how organized to the dot you are🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽wooowww, I stan. Also I hear you on making plans and God having the final say but nonetheless we still plan…the beauty is even our plans don’t work out, whatever God allows to will even be better. As for “don’t spend an african salary on a western lifestyle “🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽that is such a wise nugget to remember! Thanks for sharing Daniella.

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  3. My friends think I’m focused but they need to meet you.
    You even have a graphical version of a vision board / life chat 🙌

    I honestly look forward to meeting you allover again 20 years from now

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