#UGBlogMonth Day 11: Something I miss.

Hey there.

How are you? Really, really? Just ponder on that for a second. I hope you are truly well.

Well todays prompt is interesting. There are a couple of things I really miss but what’s top on that list is my childhood days.

I miss the days when I would squirm and cringe my face a bit and the whole world would be at my beck and ‘cry’. The days when all I had to worry about was whether my mother had done her obligatory duty to breast feed me about 12 times a day and change my nappies.

I honestly miss the days when my big sister would bake me cake every time, I made a year from when I was 2, and the days I’d tag along with her and my cousin as they went for their mandatory weekly salon dates.

I miss the days in pre-school when all I had to do was learn the pronunciation and spellings of words like; ‘squirrel’, ‘elephantiasis’, ‘octagon’, to mention but a few. I actually did really well during the weekly spelling bees at the assemblies.

I miss the days when every Christmas, my parents would give us money to buy new clothes and shoes for the day, and wrap gifts up for everyone on pre-boxing day night.

I miss the days when my dad would take us to the mall every Sunday after church to buy new stationery for the week for school and anything that we might have needed.

Sadly, all that changed when I turned 13 and joined secondary school. Everyone moved out from home and their attention was now turned to the new member of the family. My niece.


I am only a reflection of the mirror my maker placed before me.

5 thoughts on “#UGBlogMonth Day 11: Something I miss.

  1. Mahn Christmas season was always the best. You’d sleep dreaming about your outfit and the gifts were such a thrill. Then a natural Christmas tree in the sitting room decorated with sweets😭😭😭adulting is a trap…good old days are dearly missed


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