#UGBlogMonth Day 10: A confession.


Thank you so much for keeping the consistency with me and we have only 11 days left to the end of the challenge; sad, sad. But it’s been amazing getting to know you and sharing part of myself with you. 

Today’s prompt is a confession. Hahah. I’ve been thinking about which particular one of all the confessions I have, I’d be comfortable with sharing with you today and I’ve zeroed down to two.

So, my first confession is that I want to have only two boys. That’s if I get children. I know I know, people always ask me why, why? What type of woman doesn’t want to raise a girl child? But I’ve resolved within my self that if God is to bless my womb, let it be boys. I’ve prayed endlessly for this and I even have their names! My first born will be called Beniah from 2 Samuel 23: 20-23, who was one of the body guards of David and was so strong that he killed a lion with his bare hands. My last will be called Jasper from Revelations 21:19 which was the first foundation stone for the new Jerusalem after Christ’s return.   

One of the major reasons I don’t want to have girls is because of the tantrums I’ve thrown for my mum and dad and I don’t think I’m ready for that in a teenage girl! *sighs*

Hahah this is me hiding my face from all the beans I’ve spilled today!

My second and major confession is that I can’t wait for this world to end because I want to go an be with my maker. Since I was in primary school, I’ve always had a desire to be in Gods presence and to dwell in it everyday and night without a worry or a care. I’ve been studying the book of Revelations which I successfully finished yesterday and you’d think I’d be scared because of the wrath of God that will be poured out to us and the beast with its terrors.

But amusing thing is that it excited me to know that the battle will be won by God! He will defeat those whose hearts turned to the beast and His Kingdom will come with the new Jerusalem where He will dwell with those that stood the test. Now, I’m definitely not the perfect Christian, only Jesus was perfect. Every day I fall short but I keep getting myself back up to God because I know that’s where I want to be… Right now, today, forever.

Before we broke off from Uni for the covid break, I remember telling my friends that; ‘what if we are under lock down for a long time and food runs out and then we have to starve to death so that we can die and finally go meet God and be with Him’. And they all gave me such a blank look that you’d give a psycho. Hahah but I just can’t wait to go. Even now, I think I’m ready to go have a one on one with God. I’ve always wanted that.

So that’s about it for my public confession! I don’t want girls and I want to go and dwell in Gods presence sooner than now.


I am only a reflection of the mirror my maker placed before me.

19 thoughts on “#UGBlogMonth Day 10: A confession.

  1. Beniah and Jasper🥰🥰niceee but what if just what if God shocks you with girls [His ways are not our ways they say]🙈 prepare those girl names just incase🙈 thanks for sharing


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