#UGBlogMonth Day 6: What I do for self-care.


How did your day go? Mine was one of those days…

So, we’re up to day 6 of the #UGBlogMonth and the prompt is what I do for self-care. This is interesting because I’ve never actually sat down to think about what I do. Hahah. Very odd but true. My memory has been triggered to be more aware of what I do deliberately in order to take care of my mental, emotional and physical health. So here goes.

Top on my list of what I do for self-care is meditation and journaling. Oh, plus hot chocolate. Those days where my mind is clogged up and tired of thinking about legal things, I love to take off time to just take everything in. My surroundings, my emotions, to let myself be aware of what’s happening. If you read The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho, then you’d know how. I love to do this while journaling and taking a huge mug of hot chocolate. Usually calms my nerves and lets loose of the stress.

I love fragrances too, plus music.

Second on my list is hammocking. Oh, my word, I love to hammock. Especially under the sunsets. Hammocking helps my body get into a tranquil state, my muscles become less edgy and my mind’s eye is left to wonder. Most times I just fathom at Gods amazing creation. Seeing the birds flapping their wings without a care in the world and the flowers blooming under the evening sky. Very amazing.

Third on my list is dancing. I love to dance. Hahah I think I mentioned that in the ‘20 facts about me’ blog. I love to release my tension through dancing. I’m not good at it but in that moment, it seems so real and rewarding to know that I’d be on a stage if had the gift. But dancing is one of my routines to let my emotional, physical and mental converge in one beautiful synchrony.

Lastly, I love to take strolls, hikes or anything that will distract me from the pressures of everyday life and academia. So, on one of those stressed out days or weeks, or months, I take off time to take a long stroll through nature, either alone or with a bunch of my friends. Planning, reflecting, meditating and refocusing.   

Yap! That’s about everything I can think of under my self-care routine.

What do you do for self-care? I could get a tip or two from you.


I am only a reflection of the mirror my maker placed before me.

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