#UGBlogMonth Day 2: 20 Facts about me.

Hey there.

Its day 2 of the! *yay me* am still looking forward to the other 19 days.

Anyways today’s’ prompt is 20 facts about me. Haaa this is a tough one as I told you, am an introvert so am not as aware of my character as an extrovert would, but I’ll give it my best shot. Seems like I might discover myself too. Hahah.

  1. I love Jesus!

I think is this the greatest fact about me. Since I gave myself to Christ and became aware of this element in 2013, I’ve never turned back. It hasn’t been a smooth sail honestly but then again, who said it would?

2. I love to smile.

If you’re to go through my previous blog posts or my Instagram, I love to smile. So much so that, it’s very hard for me to get angry or have a genuinely stern conversation with someone. There’s something about having a light moment with someone, even a very important someone. Leaves an impression.

3. I’m an introvert.

For those who might not know, introverts love their personal space above being in crowds. They relate more on a one on one basis and that’s basically who I am.

4. Quality time is my love language.

Garry chapman in his book, The Five Languages of Love, notes quality time as one of the love languages. I love people who genuinely invest time in relating with me. They are very prized to me.

5. I am the last born.

Hahah since were stating facts; I am the last born of 2 from my nuclear family and 10 from my extended family.

6. I love the Law.

This might sound odd because many people in law school see it as a burden but its been such a bomb for me. I can’t wait to advocate genuinely for the rights of the oppressed. Its not about the money.

7. I love to read.

Most people I’ve met love reading biographies and real-life stories, but I love fiction. Hahah even movies, I’d rather watch sci-fi or fantasy movies. I think my mind honestly can’t always be on a serious aura all the time. I have to build castles every so often.  

8. I don’t like pretenders.

I think this is the worst thing you can ever do to a person. Pretend and show one face and then go behind the back and show another face. If you honestly can’t be a genuine friend to someone then let go! Gosh! it’s not a must to be in someone’s life.

9. I hate gossip.

People who bring small talk and are shallow minded get to my nerves. If you have nothing productive to talk about or add value to me, then you’d better keep quiet.

10. I love routines.

I always have a TO-DO list every day. I don’t know how to go through my day without planning it out. The times I’ve tried I’ve had such unproductive days.

11. I love to dance.

Hahah now I know I might not be a good dancer at all, but yoo! Sometimes when that beat drops you just feel your body gyrating to it. So, no judgements.

12. I have such a horrible dental.

Guys, so I’ve always had my front teeth overlapping and people keep telling me to get braces but I’m just like then my crooked smile will go *sobs*. But we shall see.

13. I want to get my PHD under 30.

This dream still keeps me up late at night. Ask me what I want to doctor in and I might not tell you a particular thing but I want to be Dr. Khanani Daniella! (Let’s bold that for emphasis). Has a good ring to it doesn’t it? *wink*

14. I love rap music.

I’m such a sucker for gospel rap music. Currently my present replay album is NF’s The Search and Perception.

15. I’m such a sucker for cute things.

This might not make sense but anything cute, whether living or nonliving just gets me awwww-ing. Puppies, babies, stickers, pencils, anything!

16. I’m such a romantic.

Oh my God, I love love so much. You know those little cute things that a person can do, like make a candle lit dinner under the stars or write a note? Those things move my heart so much and make me happy.

17. I love art.

There’s something about art. I can’t exactly put my finger to it, but it’s amazing.

18. I am claustrophobic.

I fear enclosed spaces so much! Started in 2000 when I was locked in a lift as an infant. Makes me fear water too, can’t hold my breath.

19. I fear heights.

The irony is that I want to bungee jump as one of the things on my bucket list. Hahah

20. I love hot chocolate.

Any day, anytime. Calms my nerves.

I feel like I’ve literally spilled my whole gut out to type these facts, but its exciting to do some self-discovery as well. *smiles*


I am only a reflection of the mirror my maker placed before me.

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