#UGBlogMonth #21DaysChallenge Day1: Why I write.

Hello there.

I hope this quarantine season is treating you well and hope you’re doing a lot of soul searching and self-discovery.

So, I’ve always struggled with keeping consistency in blogging yet I love to write, ha-ha the irony. So, when I saw the UGBlogging community tweet yesterday for the 21 days challenge under different prompts, I knew my que was on! So am excited to do this consistently for 21 days finally! *claps for myself*.

Anyways, so day one is basically about why I write.

This is truly an easy one for me. So, I’ve grown up in a rather odd family setting and we are two children from the same mum that grew up together. However, being an introvert and my brother an extrovert, I found it very hard to relate with a lot of people even with family members during gatherings. But I was too young to understand why it was that I wasn’t as interactive as my brother and thankfully I came to this realization in 2010 as I joined my senior 1.

My turning point to start writing was essentially inspired by my prayer life. Have you ever been praying; for the Christians; and you feel guilty when praying for yourself? so you decide to pray for everyone else and end up leaving the prayer session without praying for yourself? That’s how I used to feel, still do. I’d feel so selfish and self-centered focusing my prayers on myself that I’d end up not praying for myself. So, I got my first journal in 2012 and started writing my prayers down. And with this, I actually told God exactly how I felt and those sessions became my safe space.

That is when I realized that writing allows me to be myself and to delve into a space where I don’t have to justify why I do what I do, but am allowed to feel and to explore every bit of emotion that I let loose of, every time I type a letter or write down with the ink in my pen.

I started my blog in 2015 during my S.6 vacation and it has been my safe space since then.

That is why I write. To live and feel and be present and aware of my inner most self.     


I am only a reflection of the mirror my maker placed before me.

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