Stand warned!

“For every child of God defeats this evil world,
and we achieve this victory through our faith” 1
John 5:4, NLT.
“I always cause you to triumph. I will always
cause you to experience victory after victory
because you carry My name. You carry My Spirit
within you and you are and always will be
victorious through Me. I need your faith fully
activated now because these are the days of a
great falling away among believers. I need your
faith stronger than it’s ever been My child. Your
victory is in your faith that I am GOD and My
WORD is true. Have faith in Me that I will do all I
have promised you. Don’t be moved by what you
see. Don’t be moved by what you hear. Only be
moved by My Spirit. Keep your mind stayed on
Me. Keep your heart set on Me, and clear of all
offense. For offense in the heart is a major faith
blocker. Holding grudges in the heart stands in
the way of what I want to accomplish mightily in
you and through you. Let nothing hinder My move
in your life. Every victory that I will cause you to
experience, will be a victory for the entire Body of
Christ. Every time you triumph over evil with
good, it will be a triumph for all of My people.
Your obedience will send supernatural strength
throughout the entire Body of Christ. So have
faith in Me and obey what I have said to you. If
you love Me, yes, if you really, really love Me, then
obey Me, and I will cause you to shine brightly in
the earth for My glory! Says the LORD.”

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